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Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre is the pre-eminent supplier of social and community services in the Hinchinbrook region.


  • Social justice – To value the fair distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within our community
  • Integrity – To value the need to behave with consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, and morals in all that we do
  • Respect – To value difference in points of views and choices, to be open to being wrong an accepting people as they are.
  • Empathy – To value the need to understand people and their thoughts, feelings and emotions to better provide appropriate support.
  • Responsiveness – To value the need to react quickly and deliberately to the changing needs and expectations of our community.
  • Sustainability – To value the need to build endurance and capacity within our organisation’s systems and processes to enable continued quality services into the future.


  • To foster co-operation between persons, groups and organisations both local and visiting involved in the development and welfare of the community.
  • To promote and assist the development of community resources and welfare services engaged in the relief of poverty, homelessness, distress or disadvantage in the community.